Sunday, March 13, 2011

Keeping our children safe on the web

There is not doubt, our world works supported by technology. Everything we do is related to the use of technological devices. As many other things of our lives, there are advantages and disadvantages around the use or not of these devices. What we need to consider is to minimize the possible problems that can arise.
The information from this unit doesn’t affect how I view the Web 2.0 but it makes me aware about a series of issues to take into account when using Internet in the classroom, especially with young learners.
All what I have learned from this unit is very important and one way to pass the information to parents and children is planning several meetings and workshops to present and discuss the topic.
In the classroom, a set of rules can be presented and discussed, and then, post in a visible area to remember constantly.

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  1. Interesting and a great idea: including parents in their children's training to use the web safely!!!