Monday, March 7, 2011

The benefit of integrating the web

As I said in previous comments and/or reflections, I have never used the web during my class work because I don’t have a computer in the classroom. I know the school, where I work, has the purpose of improving the English teaching process and after this unit, I have the proposal to support the using of computers in the English classroom.
During the development of this unit, I have been thinking about a great variety of things and activities to do with my students if I integrate websites in the classroom work. Each content from the syllabus would benefit from this and students could practice the four skills, of course, with a conscious and careful selection of the websites.
My students usually use Facebook in their free time, I think I could exploit this used, adding educational links related to the syllabus contents in order to practice vocabulary and structures while they play. Creating a blog to follow outside the classroom is another idea to put into practice.

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  1. It is great to know that what you have read/done so far in the course can help you on how to integrate LTs in your class. Using Facebook to suggest websites to practice vocabulary and gramamr is a great idea. Now would they use blogs for reflecting? writing? e-portfolio? web-based lessons?