Saturday, March 12, 2011

The importance of searching skills

The best way to find appropriate materials on the web is using some techniques to evaluate them. The ability to search quickly and efficiently the right websites is the most useful skill teachers and students can learn. This unit helps us, as teachers, to be successful in making practical use of search engine, in distinguishing between their different types, and in knowing all about using internet in research projects.
There are many things to consider and many aspects to take into account when we want to use the web in the classroom. The first step is to plan the lesson carefully, setting up the goals and the types of activities we want to develop with our students, and then we can start searching for the appropriate web.
I feel that to acquire all the searching skills needed is a matter of practice and with the proper use of all the tools and techniques presented in the units, I will acquire and use them successfully.

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  1. Evaluating the web and learning how to search are two basic important IT skills we should teach our students. This will not only keep them away from dangerous or fake websites, but will help them become responsible web users.