Sunday, April 3, 2011

Digital and technological generation. How lucky we are!

Doing modules 8 and 9, I remembered my days as a student. The time and paper wasted in front of a type writer because I forgot to write a paragraph or to leave a space to draw a picture, my teachers’ presentations on cards or transparencies projected on the wall, and all the time writing on the blackboard and on our notebooks.
How lucky we are! We are using computers and other technological devices that help us to do our work in a better and faster way. We have many tools to use in the classroom that can engage and motivate our students to participate in the suggested activities. Nowadays, using traditional tools, students can be actively engage in whole class activities for short periods of time because they feel bored, they are very different from XX century students. Using office applications for whole-class teaching or in a computer room, are two ways to update our teaching work and to do what they like to do: using technology. Which one is better, it depends on our objectives and the availability of the devices. Both need training and an appropriate and accurate plan to follow.
I am lucky to be part of this course too. During the development of the course units and activities, many ideas have come to my mind, many others from my mates and from the course itself. I need to assimilate all the new information but I know I will put into practice all what I learned very soon.

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  1. That's right Margot...Times are changing...Creating and editing is really easy...But training for both teachers and students are a must to get the most of these fantastic tools...I am really happy to know the course has been useful to give you new ideas to jazz up your class and provide new opportunities for your students to learn in a different way...