Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Students and teachers 2.0

In “the last few years the World Wide Web has changed dramatically both in the way it looks and in the way that people expect to use it” (Learning technologies, Module 11). The Web 2.0 is a powerful technology to be used with our students, it gives more motivating and useful language learning activities, the opportunity to interact and collaborate with other peers and to generate new content. Social networking sites, wikis, blogs, video sharing sites, web applications are examples of Web 2.0.
This change needs a change in the way we teach. We know that our students are not the same as many years ago, they definitely are students 2.0, a new generation of learners, they are digital natives. They learn from experience, interacting with others, taking part in collaborative projects. Some young teachers are also digital natives, but the challenge is for those, as me, who are trying to manage all these new tools that can benefit our teaching situation, and, a more difficult goal, to achieve changes at the schools where we work and become teachers 2.0 too.

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